[sarex] Russian Navigation Computers in Stable Condition

Arthur Rowe azrowe80 at verizon.net
Sun Jun 17 09:30:50 PDT 2007


*Russian Navigation Computers in Stable Condition*

The Russian computers aboard the International Space Station are back in 
near normal, stable operation. Two of three channels of each computer 
are operating. A third channel is believed to be functioning well, but 
currently in standby.

The Mission Control Center in Moscow has restarted all Russian systems 
except the Elektron oxygen generation system, which has been powered but 
not yet started.

Flight controllers are planning to test Russian thrusters on Monday as 
they maneuver the station and Space Shuttle Atlantis to a water dump 

The Russian navigation computers provide one method of backup attitude 
control and orbital altitude adjustments. The station’s control moment 
gyroscopes are the complex’s primary attitude control system. The 
shuttle’s propulsion system also provides a backup attitude control 
system for the complex.

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