[sarex] STS-117 Crew to Conduct Second Spacewalk

Arthur Rowe azrowe80 at verizon.net
Wed Jun 13 06:41:34 PDT 2007


*STS-117 Crew to Conduct Second Spacewalk*

S117-E-06914 -- Astronaut Jim Reilly participates in the first spacewalk 
of STS-117Image above: Astronaut Jim Reilly participates in the first 
of STS-117 on Monday, June 11. Image credit: NASA


Astronauts Pat Forrester and Steve Swanson will conduct STS-117’s second 
spacewalk today. The objectives of the excursion are to continue 
preparing the newly installed Starboard 3 and 4 (S3/S4) truss segment 
for operation and to assist with the retraction of the starboard solar 
array on the Port 6 (P6) truss.

The spacewalk is scheduled to begin at 1803 UTC and to last 6.5 hours.

Retraction of the P6 array began at 1047 UTC Once the P6 arrays are 
furled, the stage is set for a future shuttle crew to relocate the P6 
from atop the space station to the end of the Port 5 truss. Forrester 
and Swanson will assist in the retraction if needed during the early 
stages of the spacewalk.

The work with the S3/S4 will focus on preparing the Solar Alpha Rotary 
Joint (SARJ) for operation by removing the remaining launch restraints. 
The SARJ will allow the starboard arrays to track the sun.

Mission Specialist Jim Reilly will coordinate the spacewalk and Mission 
Specialist Lee Archambault will operate the station’s robotic arm. Two 
more spacewalks are scheduled for STS-117.

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