[sarex] Re: Packet and Crossband repeater

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue May 22 06:38:13 PDT 2007

> Kenneth and the group, according to survey of 
> 1654 operators on the ISS fan club site, 
> crossband repeat was prefered over packet by 
> 12 percent.  In the future, please find a way 
> to share radio time with crossband repeat.

Playing devils advocate, (and not wanting to stir up a debate),
these thoughts come to mind...

- If it takes 10 times the hassle to shift modes,
- If the risk of error to change modes goes up by 10,
- If the preference of changing modes is 10% over not

Then, considering the negative hassle factor, the overall net
gain for changing modes is on the order of 1%.  And the risk of
getting neither is 10 times worse.

Of course these are just made up numbers, but they show what
could be the trade-off's that are involved in making decisions
about operating modes on ISS.  Just something to consider... Bob

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