[sarex] Crew Focuses on Maintenance

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*Crew Focuses on Maintenance, Experiments and Fitness  May5, 2007*

ISS015-E-05640 --- Sunita Williams works with the Lab-on-a-Chip 
Application Development-Portable Test System experimentImage above: 
Sunita Williams, Expedition 15 flight engineer, works with the 
Lab-on-a-Chip Application Development-Portable Test System (LOCAD-PTS) 
experiment. LOCAD-PTS is a handheld device for rapid detection of 
biological and chemical substances onboard the station. Image credit: NASA

Expedition 15 is busy at work inside the International Space Station. 
Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and Flight Engineer Oleg Kotov have been 
measuring their calf volume and body mass. They have also been 
counteracting the effects of microgravity with preventive health 
maintenance fitness tests on a stationary cycle ergometer. They will 
continue these tests on a treadmill Tuesday.

The cosmonauts also worked inside the Progress cargo craft dismantling 
gear for return to Earth on the space shuttle.

Flight Engineer Suni Williams activated and conducted operations on an 
Air Force Research Laboratory Experiment that is studying elastic memory 
technology. She also gathered air samples for bacterial and fungal 
analysis. In the Zvezda service module Williams performed routine 
maintenance of the Russian environmental control and life support system.

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