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James Dean jcdean at sover.net
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A very apropos comment.  These astronauts are the most highly trained
process individuals.  Operating and setting the radio should be a cake walk.
I am truly surprised that we make this out to be difficult (and I own a
D700).  Forget sending a PC (one more thing to breakdown, store, etc.) and
let's prepare a crib sheet, coat it with a station-approved laminate, and
send it with the next upload.  Print it in all languages for the astronauts.

Seems like we are making a truly simple task very complex.


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> The radio might be able to be operated in packet by setting everything up
manually but that is very time intensive for the crew (I'm guessing it would
be about 30 steps) and it would have to be done before and after every
school contact. Manually changing all those settings greatly increases the
likelihood of having a school contact fail due to human error. 
> Kenneth - N5VHO
And how was it before the "human error" ? I'm wondering why an
astronaut can not handle an amateur transceiver. If the user interface
is too complicate it would be a good idea to give him a dedicated
notebook so he can click in a menu for Packet, school contact, repeater,
SSTV aso. If this problem is not solved, it is fruitless to discuss about
new modes. My 2 cents about this theme.

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