[sarex] Re: ISS amateur radio Mode

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola at aol.com
Tue May 1 20:43:10 PDT 2007

Patrick...the D700 aboard the ISS is "broken" as in unable to do packet or
crossband at this time or until it is "fixed"...additionally, I don't
believe "mail" has been exchanged with the crew for years...as for crew
contacts, as I count contacts, you have talked to ISS at least 3 times more
than most people on this list.

In reference to crossband repeat, that is my favorite also...now to find a
way to fix the D700 that performs this function ...if you have any
constructive ideas along this line I'm sure the ARISS coordinators (not just
Bob Bruninga)would love to hear from you directly...

This is not a "heated reply"...just reality.

Roger (haven't heard ISS packet in at least 2 months)

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> Greetings from patrick n2oeq
> Regarding my previous email about future modes, it seems every time I
bring up a request or express an opinion, the packet crowd takes particular
offense to my comments and reacts in an overly protective manner...Sorry to
ruffle feathers but I prefer to talk to humans instead of playing with
computers. Without the ability to exchange mail with the crew, I'm
> Concerning the idea of using a subaudible tone, I thought that was
constructive but what I am trying to do is appeal for a mode change.
> To bob; the frequency idea was also constructive but I'm sure you wish to
maintain control of the D700. Arent years enough?  In my opinion , its time
for a change or shared usage.
> I assure everyone I'm not stupid; I realize the crew is busy so quite
throwing that at me. What I am asking for is the use of cross-band repeat
with the D700. Then we could talk to each other on the ground and like the
past, maybe the crew will be listening and get on and say hello.
> I'm making a request, not a demand, so spare me the heated replies.

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