[sarex] Future ISS amateur radio modes

Patrick McGrane N2OEQ at aceweb.com
Sun Apr 29 16:40:58 PDT 2007


I read rogers mail pushing for packet on ISS. I have a different opinion to express. For years, the ISS transmitted a very unchallenging Packet mode devoid of real communications with the crew. After listening for many passes for years waiting to hear a crewmember call CQ the packet noise began to grow on me like chinese water torture. To me, without the capability to communicate with the crew, the aprs packet mode is frivolous robotic stuff. Sorry, But I'm not the military type. I realize the crew is busy, or otherwise uninterested, but I prefer to communicate with the crew or others directly. I'm thankful for the times the d700 was placed in cross-band repeat mode. It was the next best thing to talking to the crew. Please use it in the future.

Thank you, 73, patrick N2OEQ

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