[sarex] Retransmission of ISS packets

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola at aol.com
Sat Apr 28 08:55:57 PDT 2007

In preparation for ISS coming back up on 145.880 in packet mode, I would
like to relay all packets received to my 440 repeater output to increase
local interest in ISS activities.

I must admit I am over my head in setup and connection of the TNC.

I have a 10 year old TNC-3 (not Plus) with version 6.0 software on it. While
it has served me well with ISS UNPROTO, I would now like to have it work at
the repeater site, receive on 145.800 and feed into the cor/ audio chain of
the 440 transmitter...sounds simple...

Not to me!  TNC-3 is no longer supported by Kantronics, All setups that look
appropriate utilize version 8.13 using UI*** commands not acceptable by ver.
6.0, and UIView has come on the scene along with the move toward WIDEn-N.

My brain is fried trying to figure this out. Is there an Elmer out there
that could help me work through this? I must be missing something.

As 145.800 is a "clear channel" I could repeat all and just use a COR but
that seems messy for packet along with the potential for missing the early
portion of the opening packet.

Please reply directly...and help me un-fudge my brain...



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