[sarex] ISS visibility

Patrick McGrane N2OEQ at aceweb.com
Wed Apr 11 06:19:29 PDT 2007

second try with this subject

Greetings from n2oeq, long island new york

Last night was ideal for viewing the ISS after sunset in the southeast 
sky. Pass times are ideal now for the viewing of the ISS in the lower 48.
I havent seen the ISS for a number of years. Now, with the extra solar 
panels and trusses, it is much brighter than before. It was brighter 
than a planet or star or airplane.

Check your home or online tracking program for visible passes around the 
states. Truly impressive sight.

73, pat n2oeq

Generally , passes from about an hour to hour and a half after sunset 
are best for viewing.

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