[sarex] Preps Continue for Reboost, Upcoming Activities

Arthur Rowe azrowe80 at verizon.net
Wed Mar 14 13:54:55 PDT 2007


Preps Continue for Reboost, Upcoming Activities

iss014e16258 -- The Expedition 14 crew Image above: The Expedition 14 
crew are pictured in the Destiny laboratory. From left are, Flight 
Engineer Suni Williams, Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria and Flight 
Engineer Mikhail Tyurin. Image credit: NASA


The Progress 23 cargo craft will fire its engines Thursday to lift the 
International Space Station to a higher orbit. The reboost puts the 
station in the proper orbit when Expedition 15 arrives at the station to 
begin its increment in April. Two weeks later the crew will also 
relocate their Soyuz vehicle to another port allowing Expedition 15 to 
dock in their new Soyuz TMA-10.

The Expedition 15 crew launches from Russia on April 7 and will dock to 
the station on April 9. Expedition 14 will leave the station and return 
home in its Soyuz TMA-9 on April 20.

The Progress 23 cargo capsule is being loaded with trash and discarded 
items as the crew readies it to undock then burn up in Earth’s 
atmosphere March 27. The Progress 23 initially delivered gear and 
supplies for the crew, but its removal makes way for future deliveries 
in Progress vehicles.

The station crew is also readying Pressurized Mating Adapter-3 for 
relocation to the Unity Node’s Earth facing port during Expedition 15. 
Node 2, a U.S. module, will take its place at the end of the Destiny 
laboratory later this year during shuttle mission STS-120.

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