[sarex] STS-117 Astronauts Take the Test

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*STS-117 Astronauts Take the Test*

STS-117 crew arrive at Kennedy for TCDT Image above: The STS-117 mission 
astronauts land at Kennedy's Shuttle Landing Facility. Photo credit: 
02.21.07 - 12:25 p.m. *
The flight crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis arrived at Kennedy Space 
Center in Fla. today to take part in a full launch dress rehearsal known 
as the terminal countdown demonstration test. The test typically takes 
place a few weeks prior to launch and provides the crew an opportunity 
to participate in various simulated countdown activities, including 
equipment familiarization and emergency egress training. The astronauts 
will be at Kennedy from Feb. 21-23 and then return to Johnson Space 
Center in Houston to continue training for mission STS-117.

The flight of Atlantis to the International Space Station has been 
targeted for March 15. During the 11-day mission, the six-member crew 
will install a new truss segment, retract a set of solar arrays and 
unfold a new set on the starboard side of the station. Lessons learned 
from two previous missions will provide the astronauts with new 
techniques and tools to perform their duties.

Commanding the 117 crew is Frederick Sturckow, a veteran of two shuttle 
missions (STS-88, STS-105), while Lee Archambault will be making his 
first flight as the shuttle's pilot. Mission Specialists James Reilly 
(STS-89, STS-104) and Patrick Forrester (STS-105) will be returning to 
the station. Steven Swanson and John Olivas, both mission specialists, 
join the crew for their first flight into space.

*STS-117 Mission*
+ The Crew 

+ The Mission 

+ The Integrated Truss Structure 

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