[sarex] Expedition 14 Continues Feb. 22 Spacewalk Preps

Arthur Rowe azrowe80 at verizon.net
Tue Feb 20 14:23:17 PST 2007


The Expedition 14 crew continued with preparations for a Feb. 22 
spacewalk this week. The spacewalkers have conducted leak checks and 
have installed lights and additional equipment on their Russian Orlan 
space suits.

The crew conducted its Orlan dry run Tuesday morning. Commander Michael 
Lopez-Alegria and Flight Engineer Mikhail Tyurin began preparing their 
Russian suits around 5 a.m. EST and donning their suits for a 
communications and systems test.

Lopez-Alegria and Tyurin will participate in their increment’s fifth 
spacewalk – a record for station crews. They will attempt to free a 
stuck antenna on the ISS Progress 23 docked to the aft end of the Zvezda 
service module. They will also check on navigation systems in 
preparation for the summer docking of a European cargo craft known as 
the Automated Transfer Vehicle.

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