[sarex] Resupply Ship Heads to Station

Arthur Rowe azrowe80 at verizon.net
Thu Jan 18 15:50:00 PST 2007


*Resupply Ship Heads to Station, Commemorates “Great Designer”*

A new delivery of propellant, oxygen, experiment hardware and other gear 
is headed for the International Space Station. The ISS Progress 24, a 
Russian resupply ship, lifted off Wednesday at 9:12 p.m. EST from the 
Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The new cargo craft is due to link up 
with the station’s Pirs Docking Compartment Friday at 10 p.m.

An older cargo craft, the ISS Progress 22, left the station Tuesday at 
6:29 p.m. About three hours later the Progress 22, loaded with discarded 
items from the station, entered Earth’s atmosphere and safely burned up.

The launch of the new resupply ship honors the 100th anniversary of the 
birth of Sergei Korolev – Russia’s “Great Designer” of Soviet 
spacecraft. The new Progress bears the portrait of Korolev on the 
external payload fairing. The spacecraft designer was born on Jan. 12, 1907.

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