[sarex] ISS CREW Holidays, Housework and Hamming It Up

Arthur Rowe azrowe80 at verizon.net
Mon Jan 8 15:43:58 PST 2007


Holidays, Housework and Hamming It Up

ISS014-E-10250 --- Christmas decorations in the Zvezda Service Module. 
Image above: Christmas decorations in the Zvezda Service Module of the 
International Space Station. Image credit: NASA TO SEE PICTURE GO TO:

In celebration of the Russian Orthodox Christmas, the Expedition 14 crew 
had off-duty days Jan. 6 and Jan. 7. On Sunday Flight Engineer Mikhail 
Tyurin received a 10-minute VIP call from Patriarch Alexis II of the 
Russian Orthodox Church.

Despite the days off, the crew conducted its weekly three-hour station 
cleaning last Saturday. Flight Engineer Suni Williams made the rounds 
servicing laptops. She first performed the regular bi-monthly reboot of 
a router and file server and the weekly rebooting of all laptops. 
Commander Mike Lopez-Alegria and Williams also continued their weekly 
food frequency questionnaires.

Sunday morning Williams conducted a ham radio session with participants 
in the Australian Scout Jamboree 2007 at Elmore, Victoria, Australia. On 
Monday, she conducted two more sessions - one with the Sherman 
Elementary School in Henrietta, N. Y. and the other with the Dilworth 
Elementary School in San Jose, Calif.

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