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Great contact but the audio file is huge. Thanks to Tony - VK5ZAI for
this info.
Kenneth - N5VHO 
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The organisers of the highly successful ARISS contact with the 
Australian Jamboree had strong competition for a loud rock music playing

non-stop during the pre-arranged contact with the international space 
station.  Their response after 'Evermore', a popular band of three New 
Zealand brothers who seemingly declined a request to pause their 
performance during the ARISS link-up, was to apply Aussie ingenuity and 
rapidly create an insulating bunker out of hay bales. This did the trick

and the 20 scouts who won a "What would you ask an Astronaut?" 
competition were able to ask their question of Astronaut Suni Williams 

Read the full story, see the pictures and hear a recording of the 
amazing ARISS contact at ...

Wireless Institute of Australia -  http://www.wia.org.au

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