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You have been told incorrectly. The ISS does not have direct internet
capability. The crew receives email from the internet via a store and
forward system. The crew members can view preloaded web pages on the ISS
server but they cannot go and look at any internet site they want
whenever they want. 

Kenneth - N5VHO

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> During  Expedition 14, ARISS expects to have one ARISS school contact 
> per month rather  than approximately one per week.
> It is also anticipated that there  many not be many general contacts. 

I have been told they have internet access up there could be in the mean
time someone can suggest them this site  http://qsonet.com/programs.html
. It will be quite an addition in 2007 for SAREX and it will be better
sooner than never as someone can suggest to get rid of the cons of
radioing when it's time to make HAM looking "techies". There is a
reality today and its called Internet!

As probably some can argue it is not ham radio as the SSB was not really
to overcome AM, but  i don't know if a school facing the installation of
an internet base radio versus a real on the air setup what they will
choose? If a suggestion have to be made it is better she came from us
than someone else...
who will not be bothered by the segment call sign false problems... 

To help those who still  live in the past here is some music for them:


dah dit da dit dah dah dit dah...

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amateur that holds the license."

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