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*Crew Prepares Experiments, Talks to Students*

ISS014-E-08323 -- The Expedition 14 crew members share a meal Image 
above: Commander Mike Lopez-Alegria (left) and Flight Engineer Mikhail 
Tyurin share a meal at the galley in the Zvezda Service Module of the 
International Space Station. Image credit: NASA - TO VIEW PICTURE GO TO:

To continue studying the impact of countermeasures to the effects of 
living in space, Flight Engineer Sunita Williams unstowed and set up the 
blood and urine collection hardware. Her samples will be used to better 
understand the impact of countermeasures such as exercise and 
pharmaceuticals on nutritional status and nutrient requirements.

Commander Mike Lopez-Alegria and Williams also spent several hours 
stowing away spacewalk tools used during STS-116 and preparing equipment 
and tools to be used for spacewalks in February. They also reserved some 
time for STS-116 cargo unpacking and stowage.

Lopez-Alegria conducted a ham radio session with stdents at the 
Kashiwahara Community Center in Sayama, Japan. Some questions the 
students asked included what he does for fun in space and if his 
elementary school studies reflect his work in space.

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