[sarex] Re: Windows XP Time Sync

Thomas Frey th.frey at tiscalinet.ch
Tue Nov 21 13:20:52 PST 2006

Harry M schrieb:
> Gene is right on with the sync program Dimension 4.
> I have used it for years and love it!
> Thanks Gene!
> 73 HarryM
OK, but I think, this was not Dieters problem. It's possible, that a
time server goes offline. In this case you have to choose another
time server. But until you have detected the problem of the wrong
running PC-clock, ISS is over. A frequently control is better.

Since a long time without any interruption I use the time server
NIST in Boulder, CO.
URL: time.nist.gov / IP: / Protocol: UDP

Also important is a correct settet Time Zone on your PC.


Regards, 73
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