[sarex] Re: Windows XP Time Sync

Gene Harriman vze2brn7 at verizon.net
Tue Nov 21 01:49:16 PST 2006

Hi Everyone,

Regarding Dieter's comments about time synchronization...I poked around the 'net and found this 
program to be the best of the ones I tried.  I have it set to sync every 15 minutes and forget it's 
even running in the background.  Each time I open SatSpy the time is right on.


I also have a program to sync my Palm T/X time to the laptop for portable satellite tracking...


PocketSat+ runs on the Palm...


I hope this is helpful!  Everyone have a great holiday season, don't eat too much, (yeah right) and 
pray for peace!


Gene Harriman
N1EH Ground Tracking Station
Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

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