Thomas Frey th.frey at tiscalinet.ch
Sat Nov 11 03:08:29 PST 2006

Kenneth, N5VHO schrieb:
> Hmmm. I hadn't heard about any PSK-31 experiments
> coming up for ISS. The only one I knew about is the
> one that just went down when PCSAT-2 was returned.
> Kenneth - N5VHO
Hi Kenneth

> --- Thomas Frey <th.frey at tiscalinet.ch> wrote:
>> Also for the comming PSK31- and HF-experiments on
>> the ISS.
No, I mean comming PSK31-experiments on Bob Bruningas Sats and also
on AO-51 and for the HF-experiments comming on the ISS. Both will
have a 10m uplink I think. I hope, I have set it right, Sorry my bad

What kind of HF-experiments are planned on ISS ? Are there known yet ?

Regards, 73
    Thomas Frey, HB9SKA

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