[sarex] Re: ARISS Event - Rescheduled Flanders Science Festival

Tim Bosma tbosma at santarosa.edu
Fri Nov 10 05:12:53 PST 2006

While you can't listen on 145.800 in Europe, the hams around Houston, Texas
near W5RRR will be able to listen this morning around 14:37 UTC.   As the
announcement also notes - you can listen on IRLP and Echolink - so there
is plenty of amateur radio involved.

The W5RRR station will speak to the ISS via amateur radio.  W5RRR will be
on a telephone conference call with the school in Flanders, and the school
will be able to converse with the astronaut by that means through W5RRR.

Obviously, most folks prefer a "direct" contact without the telebridge, but 
are times when ISS crew work schedules, orbital mechanics, and school schedules
do not allow for a direct contact.  So the telebridge is used.   The 
itself is donated by Verizon.  There are currently telebridge stations in 
Australia, North America, South Africa and Belgium.

Tim w6mu

At 09:08 AM 11/10/2006 +0000, Hugh_m0wye wrote:
>Also, there is no explanation in the FAQs about what a "Telebridge" is. I
>assume it is some internet link, in which case one wonders if it really has
>anything to do with amateur radio. We certainly won't be able to "listen in"
>on 145.800 as I have done in the past - shame.
>73 to all
>Hugh M0WYE

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