[sarex] Re: Linux tracker

VK2XCI vk2xci at aanet.com.au
Tue Sep 19 13:29:50 PDT 2006

Thank you Alex,
I'll get to look at that sometime this weekend.
I did notice it was the 0.5 version
Quite a bit of the Ubuntu repository is a little dated. !


Alexandru Csete wrote:
> Hi Norm and others,
> Quoting "Norm, VK2XCI" <vk2xci at aanet.com.au>:
>> I guess I really mean prediction software! From the Ubuntu Gnome 
>> Repository I've got Gnome Predict 'sort of running" It puts me IN the 
>> right place QF15bt but REPORTS it as QF25bt so I'm a bit suspicious 
>> about the accuracy. Feel free to put me right.
> You are not wrong, but the version available in the Ubuntu repositories is very
> old and has many bugs. There has been a major update to gpredict quite recently,
> including improvements of the accuracy and prediction capabilities.
> The new version is available for debian at  
> http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gpredict.html
> and as far as I know Ubuntu uses the same packages as Debian, so you could give
> it a try.
> Information about third party packages for other Linux distributions, Windows
> and Mac is avalable at
> http://groundstation.sourceforge.net/gpredict/download.php
> Alex
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Norm in Mildura, QF15bt
Australia's Wintersun City

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