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Current ISS setup.

Ericsson VHF is in FBG Module, Used for Schools and
other stuff.  We only have a 2-meter mono band antenna
access in the FGB Module.
This radio has the Speaker Disabled.  It can only be
used when wearing the David Clark Head sets.
No speaker audio available at this time.

Ericcson UHF.  Sitting in a locker some where on ISS

Kenwood D700 VHF/UHF, located the in Service Module, 
Active, used for SSTV , packet and other stuff.  
Connected to multi band antenna.
Has working speaker and microphone.
Located near the Dinner table.
There are 3 Unused Multiband antenna port avaliable in
Service Module.


--- McGrane <tmcgrane at suffolk.lib.ny.us> wrote:

> Greetings to kenneth and the group
> After digesting all the exchanges about ISS simplex,
> I think kenneth has
> the right solution. Thanks for your civil exchanges
> and flexibility.
> Can NASA coordinate with the ISS astronauts to
> monitor and use the
> Ericsson Ultra-HF radio equipment for simplex
> operation?
> It would be greatly appreciated.
> Many amateurs have tracking programs and would know
> when to call.
> The astronauts and cosmonauts could monitor the
> radio lightly squelched
> while they are awake.
> I'm confident, if they heard people calling them,
> they would answer as
> they are available aside from normal
> resonsibilities.
> As kenneth indicated, the frequency is 437.550 Mhz
> plus or minus about 10
> Khz doppler. I've already set up 5 memories on my
> FT8800 with ascending
> and descending frequency splits and I have a good
> idea what memories to
> use at what time during the satellite pass.
> If you guys could let the crew know we want to call
> them it would be
> appreciated!
> Thanks kenneth!
> Patrick, N2OEQ
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