[Namaste-dev] Dishes at Silver Home Lab

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 13:47:44 PDT 2008

Here's an update on some hardware efforts for Namaste.

I have several dishes here now at the lab at Silver Home (Silver Home is where I live, in San Diego - Red Home is where I live on Palomar Mountain, and can be the site of the terrestrial demo equipment when we get to that stage).

The first dish, donated by Paul KB5MU, is a circular dish (dubbed "the round dish"). The second and third, donated by Darin H., are a slightly oval dish (dubbed "offset triple feed") and a larger, more obviously oval dish (dubbed "the data dish").

This gives three antennas of various types that might currently and in the near future be put to use on a typical Namaste. 

The goal here is to build up three of the (for lack of a better term so far) "outdoor units" starting with these dishes. The outdoor unit will convert RF to ethernet frames. It might be somewhat optimistic, but there is an antenna ranging party in July that the San Diego Microwave Group puts on, and I'd really like to test some prototype Namaste outdoor unit configurations at that event.

I don't know the exact date of the event quite yet, but in the case it coincides with the 18-20 July San Diego AMSAT meeting, then I hope that we can include the ranging event in the meeting schedule.

Photos and etc. to come concerning the dishes. We'll work our way down the system from the dish to the baseband and back again, and document all the way. 

Anyone out there have some spare dishes that they'd like to work in parallel with? We can coordinate hardware procurement (goal: $0) and get a larger sample size. So far, if you can put your hands on a spare dish, you're in the slot. Let me know, and I'll help as much as I can in terms of coordination and parts supply. The more prototype stations the better. 

 -Michelle W5NYV

Potestatem obscuri lateris nescis.

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