[Namaste-dev] Weekly Report 27 May - 30 May

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Fri May 30 12:45:22 PDT 2008


Thank you so much to all who have provided some very useful feedback on what we need in terms of the website, documents, and other logistical issues.

The items that we'll probably try include a regular skype-based meeting, a slight rearrangement of the top-level selections and organization on the Namaste website, and some user-friendly instructions on how to use the features of OpenKM, when it goes live. The website will always have the current documents, and those interested in collaborative editing will be able to do so either directly through OpenKM or through the team by providing email feedback. 

Experiences with OpenKM so far have been generally good, from a document-upload point of view. Checking out, editing, and re-uploading documents works well. Multiple-file uploads require some additional effort on the part of the user, but this may not be much of a factor after the initial upload.

Concerning the project documents, here are the statistics for the month of May. I'll post monthly usage stats going forward, so that you all can get an idea of the traffic and scope of our web presence.

First, the feed. The bare feed URL is located at
Monthly average daily subscribers: 20
Highest daily downloads: 239
Lowest daily downloads: 0

A document feed delivers content to you, rather than you having to go get the new content. It's like a magazine subscription for digital documents.

The website is located at

Bandwidth used to date: 4.86 GB
You are using 3561.73 MB for your Web Site*

It's hosted at www.delmarnorth.com, which is a server I already have. We're using a small fraction of the bandwidth and disk space available, and I see no problems with future expansion. Maintenance of the website has been rewarding and relatively simple. The pages consist of tables with headings. This weekend will see some reorganization, based on the input from the team and the list. 

We currently have 168 documents totalling over 200 megabytes. A healthy fraction of those documents are image files for the html version of the mathcad files. We don't yet have 168 pdfs of engineering data. However, we soon will! 

All engineering documents are on the website, and will be put into OpenKM when and if it's selected and is opened for business. 

This "open source" mindset will continue to be the practice for the project with one sole exception - any optional modules with proprietary content will be minimally closed. In other words, all documents except those that have proprietary content will be published. 

*this stat is for the entire site, which includes several other sites at delmarnorth.com.
Reviewing the items from the weekly plan:
1. Preliminary Satellite Symposium presentation was released for review, and some review input has been received. 

2. SuperPortable User Interface Design Document work continued. 

3. Uplink data rate and traffic analysis began, with the document including content about the downlink as well. It was renamed Namaste Downlink Analysis, and was posted for review. It will be revised over the weekend. 
4. OpenKM evaluation continued, with the decision to install it on www.delmarnorth.com postponed due to learning more about how to leverage it from the AMSAT server. Also, some issues were cleared up with maximum upload file sizes as well as multiple file uploads.

5. Requirements analysis (technical) and Position Paper (policy) work on the optional APCO-25 terrestrial interface module began. I have one volunteer for this effort, and am looking for more. 

6. Plans for the July meeting include at least one open meeting. I encourage anyone in or near the San Diego area, who is available on 18-20 July 2008, who has an interest in being involved in the project, to contact me for an invitation. The invitation allows planning for room size and logistics.
More soon,
 -Michelle W5NYV

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