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Howie AB2S howie at aosusa.com
Wed May 28 21:45:16 PDT 2008

OK, I know I am coming to the table a little late and I may have missed something, BUT... from what I have been able to gleen from the information posted so far; the satellite transponder will be a bent pie (no onboard regeneration), with a global beam (about 18 dBi antenna) and a 20W SSPA (EIRP about 31 dBW). The small ground station will use a .5M antenna and 10W SSPA (EIRP 37 dBW). Using this information and assuming typical Intelsat performance parameters of SFD (Saturation Flux Density) of about -78 dB/m2, G/T of 0 dB/K and modest Input and output back-off on satellite transponder, this link will not work if these two stations are trying to communicate in anything other than possibly CW. Given all of the above assumptions, the nearest thing to a practical point to point link that I can come up with is 16 kbps using 10 Watts and 2.4M (6') antennas at each end, this was assuing a threshold Eb/N0 of 4.3db and BPSK modulation. So what am I missing here? ........Howie AB2S
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