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Thank you very much for the good points. I like the idea of considering a P25 gateway requirement. I don't completely understand the not-wanting-to-advertise part of it. The cognitive approach should indeed be described more clearly. I'll work on all of this for the next revision. 
It's true that this terrestrial interface module is not strictly a functional requirement of the ground station itself - for amateur radio operation.
It may or may not be a functional requirement for emergency communications operation. This is something we are beginning to analyze with the goal of answering the question of whether or not it is a real requirement, and whether or not we can expect it to help us in the ways previously mentioned (i.e. funding). 
What I see in our case is that an interface like IPICS or IP-to-third-party emergency communications product arises from the architecture. If there is a need for emergency communications operators to use our satellite link via APCO, to achieve infrastructure-independent communications, then the module would seem necessary to achieve those communications. 
JoAnne Maenpaa has begun work on identifying the use cases and work on the requirements analysis. Let's help JoAnne as much as possible. I will restart informational interviews concerning APCO25 with, at the very least, local emergency communications workers, with an eye towards interviewing people in other areas. Please feel free to start your own surveys through any emergency communications contacts you have. Feedback from people that actually use radios in the field is necessary for the technical analysis. 
Considering the complexity of the subject, it will take several attempts at the analysis to get and keep a good handle on it. I think that's well within our capabilities, and I'm very motivated to produce a well-informed decision on whether or not to include an APCO 25 terrestrial interface module. 

so... more soon!
-Michelle W5NYV

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APCO P25 is a controversial subject. As such it will surely generate much heated controversy :-) That said, until there's consensus on whether and how to go forward with that component, I'd strongly urge not advertising it as part of the project or as a functional requirement.

The most that can be justified, in my opinion, is some kind of P25 gateway requirement. That could be achieved by something as simple as a tunnel for P25 CVSD. Such a tunnel would not necessarily be confined to P25 data in any case. Interoperability beyond that can be accomplished by ground station hardware add-ons. The hardware and licensing costs should not be borne by Namaste or by normal participating operators.

Regardless, the Cognitive functions mentioned in the presentation draft are inherent in P25, not separable from it. If Cognitive capabilities are functional requirements they should be listed and described under distinct headings.


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This is preliminary. This document is for eventual presentation at symposium, goal establishment, and work capture between now and then.
I am looking for review and contribution in terms of content, questions that we want to answer by then, and any other aspect that can and should be included. Think of the presentation that you would be delighted to be part of, and then let's describe it. From that vision, I believe that we can increase the amount of clarity that we currently have concerning longer-range planning.
This process will also greatly assist the success of the July meeting.
more soon, -Michelle W5NYV

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