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The benefits to the project are a large increase in funding opportunities for our launch (referring to the discussions Bob McGwier has had with various agencies), increased utility in emergency communications applications (we're talking about a standard that dominates public safety), and the opportunity to work on an interesting communications module. These aspects seem fundamental (i.e. underlying) to me. 

I would say doing (at the very least) a requirements analysis with respect to APCO-25 buys us quite a lot. I think we should produce this analysis in the course of ground station development, and I am looking for people willing to do the work with me. 

Out of the three proposed interoperability strategies (analog interface, IPICS, APCO-25), this one is probably the most interesting technically, politically, and logistically. 

Having had some experience in emergency medicine, I'm very familiar with territorial communications issues. They are only one aspect of the situation, but they are an important aspect, and aren't being ignored or dismissed. A demonstration of this particular function serves several purposes, only one of which is a technical achievement of interoperability. 

more soon,
-Michelle W5NYV

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I agree with Eric. The issue is much more "territorial" than technical.
Dept. of Homeland Security can't even get local gov't to agree on
interoperability. Unless it has some underlying benefit directly to the
project, I don't see where APCO-25 will buy us much.

Howie AB2S

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