[Namaste-dev] SuperPortable User Interface Design Document - posted for Review

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Thu May 22 09:04:48 PDT 2008

First draft of a proposed SuperPortable User Interface Design Document is up for review!
download a pdf here:
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The document has has a very brief overview, lists the functions, lists the interfaces, lists the functional requirements, lists the interface requirements, and then discusses the use of templates to increase the ease of use of the station. The document closes with a list of open questions. The appendix includes an n-Square diagram to help keep track of the interfaces.
The goal of this document is to capture the requirements of the SuperPortable ground station in order to provide the designers with clear direction. Please take some time to review the requirements and give feedback to this proposal. 
I'm interested in as high a quality list of functional and interface requirements as we can produce, as well as presenting a place to track open questions. 
More soon, -Michelle W5NYV

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