[Namaste-dev] Re: Tuesday Challenge 13 May 2008 (results from 6 May 2008)

Eric Blossom eb at comsec.com
Tue May 13 21:43:37 PDT 2008

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 01:11:25PM -0700, Michelle wrote:
> Last week's challenge was to state how much you thought a ground station would cost.
> The consensus is $350 (rounded slightly down). 
> Above $1000 it becomes much less likely as a purchase.

I must have missed that one.  Does $350 include the antenna, antenna
mounting system, LNA, and the rest of the radio?  As I recall from our
meeting at Qualcomm, we wanted a complete radio _system_ for the
ground station.  Is this assuming a host based s/w radio, or are you
thinking about running this on something embedded?  Are you assuming
that this is a professionally assembled and tested unit, or a
do-it-yourself kit for people who think soldering fine pitch surface
mount is a pleasant way to pass the time?  Not that I wouldn't _want_
it to cost $350, but that seems too cheap to believe for an assembled
and tested solution, in a box, ready to go.


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