[Namaste-dev] Weekly Report May 5 - May 9

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Fri May 9 17:27:40 PDT 2008

1. Dayton Preparations continued and are nearing completion. 
2. Link Budget Verification (for Jan King's spreadsheets) continued with a bug found in the Atmospheric and Ionospheric Losses sheet. This small bug lead to the discovery of a bigger bug. Link budget will be revised to correct these bugs. 
3. Interference study at 3.4GHz by Kerry N6IZW continued with an update posted to the list.
4. Cognitive Radio Requirements Schedule. I finished reading the dissertation today. I have a goal of understanding the preliminary requirements of the existing cognitive radio design that Tom Rondeau has developed. It’s in the document feed. Or, download the dissertation here:
to read and participate in the requirements analysis process. I need more readers for this part of the project. 
5. Modulation Analysis has begun, with a goal of supporting an air interface document that will provide clear engineering direction.  
6. Handheld Namaste high-level "questions document" posted for review. 

7. Another RF designer has been contacted to provide review support for any RF designs produced. This brings the number to 2, and I am looking for more. Please spread the word. 

8. An overview of the project was presented at the Palomar Amateur Radio Club meeting this past Wednesday. Feedback was positive, awareness raised, and interest gained. 

9. A meeting in San Diego has been proposed for the summer, with AMSAT management proposing a mid-June weekend, either the 14th or the 21st of June, or mid-July weekend of 12th or 19th of July. The preliminary agenda for the meeting, as anticipated by Barry Baines, is to identify critical steps and milestones and establish reasonable expectations of what  
is needed in terms of resources (time, talent, treasure). 
10. Reading of the RFC and Tutorial found off the Delay-Tolerant Networks site (http://www.dtnrg.org/wiki) began this week. 
-Michelle W5NYV

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