[Namaste-dev] Re: Modulation Baseline

Bdale Garbee bdale at gag.com
Thu May 8 20:40:39 PDT 2008

On Thu, 2008-05-08 at 17:51 -0700, Michelle wrote:
> That's a good question. There is  IPv6 over IPv4 encapsulation. We could decide to allow for reconfigurability, or choose one or the other. 
> What do you think would be the best solution?

I'd use v6.  

The only advantage of v4 is shorter header size (20 vs 40 bytes if you
aren't using v4 options).  If we're sensitive to that, there are
approaches to header compression we could try that might be smarter in
the long run than sticking with v4. 

73 - Bdale, KB0G

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