[Namaste-dev] Weekly Plan May 5 - May 9

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 09:31:58 PDT 2008

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Plans for this week: May 5 – May 9 
1. Dayton Preparations. We’re working with Gould WA4SXM on Handout preparation and the delay demo, which will be done in software and presented on a laptop. I’ll be in the booth at the very least according to the following schedule:
Friday 16 May 9:00am-12:00pm
Saturday 17 May 1:00pm-4:00pm
And, Phil Karn is preparing his coding demonstration for the booth as well. 
2. Link Budget Verification. Continue work! 
3. Interference study at 3.4GHz by Kerry N6IZW. He has an update on the study: 
“I received the C-Band LNBF, machined an adjustable mounting bracket for it and have it mounted on the 30" dish with tripod.  I connected it up to the Bias "T" with a variable power supply and to a spectrum analyzer to verify basic functionality. So far everything looks as expected so I'll put together the polarity control power supply and start the feed optimization and calibration process. Once I work through the calibration I'll document that as well as flesh out the data taking procedure so I have something to follow at least initially. Upon firing up the antenna/downconverter in my garage I immediately saw a strong signal which turned out to be one of the local oscillators in my 1296 transverter I had running on the bench. Turning that off gave a clear spectrum in the 3.4-3.47 GHz range at least inside my garage.  I plan to demo the setup and data collected up to that time at our next SDMG meeting as a technical talk.” 
The next SDMG meeting will be the 19th of May. Thank you Kerry!
5. Cognitive Radio Requirements Schedule. Dissertation reading continues this week, with a goal of understanding the preliminary requirements of the existing cognitive radio design that Tom Rondeau has developed. It’s in the document feed. Or, download the dissertation here:
to read and participate in the requirements analysis process. I need more readers for this part of the project.
6. Air Interface Document. Draft for initial commentary in the works. This document drives a lot of requirements, and will be released for review as soon as possible. 
7. Handheld Namaste high-level design document draft in the works. Thank you to Frank Brickle and John Melton for a lot of input so far on this aspect of the project. 
 -Michelle W5NYV

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