[Namaste-dev] Weekly Report 28 April - 2 May

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Fri May 2 16:52:10 PDT 2008

1. Dayton Preparations are nearing completion. The link budget doodlepad was shipped, PowerPoint presentation, notes, and a run through posted, reviewed, edited, and reposted. Work started on the delay demo using Core Audio on the mac. Demo dish was obtained. 
2. Bulletin 65 Version 2.0 Document was released. 
3. Link Budget Verification continues next week. 
4. Interference study at 3.4GHz by Kerry N6IZW kicked off with an experiment proposal received. 
5. Cognitive Radio Interoperability Module work begins next week. Tom Rondeau will be available starting in mid-June. 
6. Air Interface Document by Paul KB5MU and Matt N2MJI is in the process of beginning. 
7. Video editing. Raw footage uploaded for the start of the workflow. No final products this week.  

8. Tuesday Challenge was posted. 
9. Handheld Namaste information received and contacts made. High-level design documentation begun. 
Please pass the word along to anyone you think might be interested in the project. 
See you on Monday!
-Michelle W5NYV

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