[Namaste-dev] DBS dish mounts

William Blair wbblair3 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 17:00:42 PDT 2008

Posting in the blind, uncertain of what has been mentioned before or has already been accomplished, here's an inexpensive home-brew and highly stable DBS dish mount that's nearly identical to something I came up with independently some time ago:


In place of the leveling pads, my version just used short sections of pipe with end caps as the pads.  No precise leveling was attempted (or required).  My version also had a slightly wider stance.  A tent stake was driven under the center of the front-to-back pipe and a short piece of parachute cord was used to tie the platform to it.  Since the mount was already very wind resistant, this was done as a precautionary measure to resist _very_ high winds which it did on multiple occasions.

Since the Namaste dish will be radiating, short stakes with red construction flagging tape could be used to mark off a small radiation hazard area in front of the dish.

I've taken a close look at this tripod at Home Depot and it's extremely sturdy.  Note that it's $46 on-line and $69 in their stores:


Then there's the DeWalt for about the same price (on-line):


I'm sure something could be rigged up for a DBS-style dish from either one of these.

Bill W0ARN


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