[Namaste-dev] Update/Correction Vivaldi PCB Antennas

Stan, W1LE stanw1le at verizon.net
Tue Jun 24 17:43:06 PDT 2008

Hello The Net:

WA5VJB is offering a Vivaldi type pcb printed antenna, linear 
polarization, for 5.1 thru 20 GHz.
with useable gain 2-25 GHz, price or 5$ each.  It is not yet on his 
website  www.wa5VJB.com

Michelle, I believe you have this version in hand.

Kent is also considering a newer design Vivaldi type with a 3 octave 
matching network to cover down
below 3.4 GHz, where we will need it.

For tripod materials I prefer the mil surplus "MS-44" masting used as 
the 3 legs
with a tripod adapter "AB-1089/U". Easily to put together or knocked down.
Legs can be in increments of 5'. For semi permanent installations I 
prefer to bolt parts together
and to add a horizontal brace of 1-3/8" OD galvi fence rail, about 18" 
from the bottom.

The masting is 1.625" OD, 1/8" wall aluminum and easy to machine.
Each section is about 66" long with 6" necked down to fit the next section.

Stan, W1LE   FN41sr   Cape Cod

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