[Namaste-dev] Weekly Report June 16 - 20

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 23 13:20:35 PDT 2008


Report for this week: June 16 – June 20

1. SuperPortable User Interface Design Document work continued a sporadic saccade towards avoiding semioviparous development.

2. Antenna work continued (five San Diego area dishes, interest from Keith Wheeler in Arkansas, six dishes from Grayg, a station in progress from Stan, station descriptions from Tom Clark, and more) and feed research continued. We are of course looking for more people to distribute experiments to. Who's game for participating in this area? We need more people to investigate, build, and test. 
3. Two updates of the link analysis were published for review.

4. Requirements analysis (technical) and Position Paper (policy) work on the optional APCO-25 terrestrial interface module continued. I have one volunteer for this effort, and am looking for more. 

5. Plans for the July meeting moved forward again, with the hotel, dates, and general times set. 

6. Policy development concerning openness, open source, transparency, etc. continued. 

more soon!

-Michelle W5NYV
Sit Vis Vobiscum

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