[Namaste-dev] FH-FSK probability of collision

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 22 21:51:44 PDT 2008

The next batch of effort concerning an analysis of the FH-FSK proposal has been published. The discussion, added to the document found at:  http://www.delmarnorth.com/namaste/requirements/Namaste_Link_Analysis.pdf  concerns the probability of collisions (a collision causes an erasure) for various numbers of users on a system with 250 (or more, if you can extend the code space) channels (which correspond to the hopping sequences).
The next step is to see how many collisions we can theoretically recover from, which will give us an idea of the capacity. 
Please check it out and ask questions. I'd like to improve the document wherever possible. 
more soon!
-Michelle W5NYV

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