[Namaste-dev] Re: Dishes - roll call for experimentation

Tom Clark, K3IO tom.k3io at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 21:34:28 PDT 2008

Michelle wrote:
>  Has anyone else on the list set aside a dish for work on Namaste? I'd like to gather some data from you all and split up the work on evaluating feed designs.
> One of the first results from having dishes on hand in the lab is that there is not one standard for the feed housing and placement.
> There are, instead, a multiplicity of standards.
My efforts along a related path are seen in a contribution at 
http://www.delmarnorth.com/namaste/AMSAT%201M%20dish.ppt. Note that 
Slide 3 = Premise #2 shows the gain, beamwidth & pointing requirements 
for a 1M dish (chosen for discussion because one meter is as good as 
another :-D ). The dish I am currently experimenting with is 90 cm 
Ku-band dish.

This document is a presentation I gave a few months ago to the DC-area 
AMSAT meeting. As you will see, I have been considering the needs of an 
antenna positioner, and I have been concentrating on positioning devices 
that use the DiSEQc protocol.

In this PPT presentation, I also describe interesting work that my 
friend and Colleague Alan Rogers (Haystack Observatory) has been doing 
using these dishes as a VSRT (very small radiotelescope) for student 
use. In his notes on the Haystack website, you may find interesting the 
use of Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) as a calibration noise source.

73, Tom

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