[Namaste-dev] July Meeting - logistics, location, date, and call for invitations

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 15:53:15 PDT 2008

As you may have noticed from the weekly reports, an upcoming AMSAT projects meeting, which specifically includes the ground station program, has been scheduled for July 18-20 in San Diego. I have some more details from Barry Baines, and here they are!

The meeting location will be at the
Best Western Seven Seas
411 S. Hotel Circle
San Diego, CA 92108
tel.  619-291-1300

Barry Baines reports that "The hotel is located off I-8 exit 4A.  We have a 1,155 sq. foot meeting room  ('The Lord Jim Room') lined up which will have WiFi, a projection screen, and an easel available.   The room arrangement will be similar to typical AMSAT board meetings, with tables placed in a U-Shape with individuals having access to power for their laptops."
This is a very important meeting for the project, as we've experienced several postponements and other challenges with having the sort of gathering that usually functions as a kickoff meeting. There are many questions about the project and decisions made at this point can make or break the project's success. I'd like to invite all members of the list to attend. If you would like to attend, please write me to arrange for an invitation. 
The reports that Namaste will bring to the meeting will come out of the documents that we have written and will write between now and then, as published on the website. All reports and findings and minutes from the meeting, will also be published as soon as possible. 
Barry continues:  
"In terms of the meeting itself, I have reserved the meeting room for Friday, 0900-1700 and Saturday 0900-1700.  At this point in time, does it make sense to hold the room for Friday and/or Saturday evening as well?   I have told the hotel that we may need to use the room from 0900-1200 on Sunday, but that may depend upon our attendee's travel schedules, particularly for those flying back to the East Coast.

Friday is expected to be spent focused on establishing an overall set of expectations concerning goals, milestones, and resources.  This meeting will be limited those specifically invited to attend (the team leadership).  At this point I expect lunch will catered for the invitees in the meeting room.

Saturday may turn out to be two meetings.  If we don't conclude our discussions on Friday, then we will need to finish up on Saturday morning.  The primary purpose of Saturday will be an 'open' meeting where all team members and interested observers are welcome to attend.   This meeting will be used to review what was discussed on Friday and allow those who didn't attend Friday's session to be brought up to speed on what was agreed to at that meeting.  It will also provide an opportunity for comments/questions which might result in additional modification to Friday's conclusions.

A meeting agenda will be developed once we have an opportunity to get input from the team leadership concerning their expectations (e.g. please let me know what you'd like to see planned for this meeting).  I am open to using this opportunity to maximize the utilization of the time available, such as dealing with administrative issues (document management, e-mail support, etc.), inter-team discussions, 'team meetings' (e.g. the ACP folks meet together while the Ground Station station have a gathering), overviews of available support options (is everyone familiar with the various programs/tools available, such as OpenKM?), etc.  Let's use this time effectively-- so what do YOU want to see take place in San Diego?"
Please post your thoughts to the list, or to me, about the questions Barry is asking and what you would like to see happen. I'm here to get answers to your questions, and help ask better ones. We have made a lot of progress recently and I believe this sort of meeting at this time can be very productive. 
more soon! -Michelle W5NYV

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