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Thanks Grayg, 
First step is to find a dish to experiment with. Either one, if you want to try a dual-feed experiment, or two, like Stan mentions in his email, so you can separate the transmit and receive parts. A dual feed is sort of like a sports sedan. It's not a sports car, nor is it a sedan, but it still might get you to work. 
Next step, is to identify some feeds to experiment with, and that is where we are at the moment. I'd like to investigate whatever Kerry N6IZW can come up with. He's working on this question. Also, I have some feed designs from Kent Britain WA5VJB, who was kind enough to donate one at Dayton. You can see these sorts of feeds at http://www.wa5vjb.com/  The feed that he suggested looks like the bottom picture with the two symmetrical curves. I think they're called Vivaldis, and there are some gain results here:  http://www.csvhfs.org/ant/CSANT07.HTML
Stan's email that followed yours listed many excellent sites for sources of parts and pieces, and it's now time to sort through them for possibilities. Our goal is to be able to transmit anywhere from 5.650GHz to 5.670GHz. We want to be able to receive the entire band of 3.400GHz to 3.410GHz. It's most useful for the terrestrial demonstration equipment to be able to do that as well, but we may have to pick a subset or fixed frequency in order to get off the ground quickly. I'll work on identifying as much as I can and putting together a document that captures the effort and makes it easy for more to participate. 
So, grab a dish, take a photo of it, find any serial numbers on it that might tell us some more about it, and we'll go from there. 
 -Michelle W5NYV

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I see the photos, please let me know what I need to do/get/have to help !

grayg - KC8SVT - central West Virginia

Michelle wrote:
>  Has anyone else on the list set aside a dish for work on Namaste? I'd like to gather some data from you all and split up the work on evaluating feed designs.
> One of the first results from having dishes on hand in the lab is that there is not one standard for the feed housing and placement.
> There are, instead, a multiplicity of standards.
> Some feeds, like this one pictured here:
> have the standard marked on them. This indicates which set of dishes the feed is compatible with.
> I'd hoped to be able to make a feed that would drop in to pretty much any dish, but as you can see, we've got some work to do technically as well as the concerns raised about recommending the dishes for use on properties with deed restrictions where the satellite TV service is exempted. 
> More soon, -Michelle W5NYV
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