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Bob McGwier rwmcgwier at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 09:49:43 PDT 2008

I was absolutely convinced, as were all involved, that my work partner 
was not going to be promoted in a timely fashion.  We just got several 
million more dollars from congress while I was away and he simply was 
not senior enough to be PM.   I had been in Asia for almost two months 
and arrived back home to be called on the carpet in front of DNI and 
informed that I was going to IPA to the government.   Simply put,  that 
meant I was going from contractor to senior government executive in a 
political appointment.  That has TREMENDOUS implications for what one is 
allowed to do outside of work.  Practically speaking,  even if allowed 
to,  I simply could not have served effectively. 

I complained bitterly to General Alexander about the wrecking of my life 
and that I was going to do this but very begrudgingly since this was my 
life's work and my real legacy but that a much better approach would be 
to take the already government employee, who is absolutely and clearly 
on the road to super-stardom, and push him along.  I don't need more 
super-stardom.  I have two gold medals from DCI, one from POTUS, one 
from DNI,  and three units I ran a project with have Pres Unit 
Citations. My career as a "poobah curmudgeon " is so maxed out it isn't 

The good news, he listened.  My work partner was promoted to senior 
enough to manage the project.  I think they were afraid I was going to quit.

I have informed the AMSAT BOD and officers that I will be able to 
continue to serve as the VP Engineering but that my single term as 
member of the BORED of directors let me know I am completely 
uninterested in that position.  It is up to the board to decide in 
October if I remain in the job.  Until then,  I am going to act as if I 
assume I will be in it.  But I am not interested in board matters any 
further. I only care about engineering matters from this time on except 
for mandatory votes.


Michelle wrote:
> Thank you for the input on the April 29th challenge. This is an important area and we need to understand the interference risks. 
> The comment about putting cars back on the road came from exactly who?
> I'm alarmed by descriptions of despair, your life being over, and then being saved by the last toll of the bell. What does all of that mean? The last post from you before this batch today concerned your resignation as vice president of AMSAT and not being available to run for the board of directors, which was made on the Eagle and SuitSat2 lists on June 6th, but not posted here. 
> Could you please explain what the last paragraph means in terms of your availability to the projects at AMSAT? 
>  -Michelle W5NYV

ARRL SDR Working Group Chair, AMSAT VP Engineering.
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