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Those that aren't on the Eagle list will probably not understand what you are referring to here, since the discussion about using Devgaurd.com occurred on the Eagle list and not here. 
Devgaurd.com is a company that provides Subversion and Trac services along with disk space. 
Subversion and Trac are also installed on AMSAT's own servers. 
Devgaurd.com would provide Namaste with less server space and fewer tools than we currently have access to, so I would not be inclined to use them.
Namaste is covered for the foreseeable future using Powweb for www.amsat.org/namaste. I am happy to donate the account that I already had with them and am accustomed to and comfortable working with Powweb. 
We already have open access and cross linking to AMSAT. 
If you would like to purchase an account for ACP, then you should talk to Matt. I've offered to host and present ACP documents that have anything to do with the ground station, but it's my opinion that someone needs to step up and be librarian for Eagle or ACP. Getting an account with Devguard does not obviate the continuing need for a librarian or webmaster.
 -Michelle W5NYV

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I care more about what my team members want than a demand that we do 
things a certain way that cannot be justified because of all sorts of 
short comings which clearly include non compos mentis in the area of 
this server business.

Here is my solution to the siting of work for Namaste and ACP. We will 
go with the service Matt and Jonathan propose. Matt, Michelle, and their 
teams are doing the work. We have NEVER told developers exactly how they 
are to accomplish their tasks by choosing their tools for them. This 
project needs to get going. I agree with the decision to get 
professional inexpensive siting for this and getting going. I will pay 
for it myself. My only caveat on this is that we provide open access and 
cross linking to AMSAT.


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