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When you say "this" what do you mean? What rails?
A "template matching for known waveforms" is one of the things I'd expect Tom to be interested in doing, but I'm very open to his participation in any aspect of the project. As Frank Brickle pointed out in his critique of the symposium presentation, the cognitive part of the module is separable from the purpose of the module. 
A requirements analysis of the interoperability module is in progress. Drafts will be released as soon as they're done. Joanne Maenpaa is the lead on this part of the project, and I support her plan and basic approach. I'm very interested in the eventual outcome of her work, since it gets right to the heart of one of the two intended audiences for our project - emergency communications operators.  
After requirements analysis comes design and proposals for implementation. We're not there yet, and depending on the use case study, regulatory issues, and legal issues, we may decide not to pursue particular types of interoperability because they make no sense for us to do. There has been very good discussion on the list about this.
The current phase of the project concerns investigating requirements and we're making progress. We have not designed cognitive radio into (or out of) any part of Namaste. We're not at the design stage yet, and won't be until after we have a set of requirements in hand. Requirements analysis is going to continue through at least the summer, with more formal reviews in late summer/early fall. 
This is not a schedule; this is an expectation based on how much progress we've made since February.
I expect to talk a lot more about this and other subjects at the July meeting here in San Diego.

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In my opinion, this is almost off the rails.

Tom is a brilliant guy and he has just joined our team at the Center for 
Communications Research. He got here through the "good old person 
network" (me). I have a very large agenda for Tom until the fall. He is 
on his own to do what he wishes but you should be aware that his primary 
goal is getting tenure for an unforgiving master (our research staff).

We had a conversation today about his earliest days in SDR. He was made 
all sorts of promises about SDR and why he should do cognition on these 
infinitely capable radios and he had to reaim his entire thesis when he 
hit reality.

Like Namaste and all other undeveloped things, the SDR were infinitely 
powerful and we are not ready to consider cognition.

Charles, Tom, and I are daily doing design and programming of the 
necessary algorithms for cognition. Frank Brickle is designing the 
virtual radio kernel for us to be able to do distributed computing over 
a wide range of devices.

We have not even begun to assemble our first serious cognitive radio. 
All we have are toys. We know that for any serious need if a radio needs 
X computing resources (take your pick) a cognitive radio will take NX 
where N is not a tiny positive integer.

The easiest thing to do of all is template matching for known waveforms 
but it is very intense computation.

My strongest possible admonition is to walk before we attempt to launch 
a permanent manned presence to Mars.

We need the basic architecture for the ground and space segment designed 
so we can run an experiment. Following the successful build and test of 
this experiment, we have a REAL plan to get real funding from a joint 
California/DHS program. AGAIN, Tom Rondeau and I are involved in this.

These are terrific and lofty goals and do this every single day of my 
life but I spent three years working on GnuRadio and Flex Radio before I 
even began to believe I had sufficient expertise and equipment to do 
this kind of development.


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