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Thank you for the input on the April 29th challenge. This is an important area and we need to understand the interference risks. 
The comment about putting cars back on the road came from exactly who?
I'm alarmed by descriptions of despair, your life being over, and then being saved by the last toll of the bell. What does all of that mean? The last post from you before this batch today concerned your resignation as vice president of AMSAT and not being available to run for the board of directors, which was made on the Eagle and SuitSat2 lists on June 6th, but not posted here. 
Could you please explain what the last paragraph means in terms of your availability to the projects at AMSAT? 
 -Michelle W5NYV

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With the 5 GHz uplink and a 3.4 GHz downlink and with our antennas 
illuminating the visible earth with 100w (a high estimate) at the 
antenna with 20 dB gain (high) the power spectral density (worst case) 
on the earth is tiny. We can easily do the math but

a) we are not in the radio astronomy band
b) the amateurs in Region 1 will not be emitting in 3.4 but will be 
listening only
c) wimax is above and below us by ~100 MHz but will in many cases be in 
the near field. But that is OUR problem. WE will be interfered with, not 
vice versa
d) our earth to space segment is 5650-5670 and is 75 MHz away from the 
fixed satellite service beginning at 5725

I am sure this was discussed by I am going back to the beginning as I 
have been informed that I really need to in order to put a few cars back 
on the road.

FYI I have gone from the my current life was over to it is almost back 
to normal. I was going to have to join government service on demand to 
be project manager on a very large project. The better outcome would 
have for my existing work partner to be promoted (he is already a 
government employee). A week after my despair was nearly completely, his 
promotion came through and I will be "CTO" of our effort and he will be 
CEO because he got the promotion. I am saved by the last toll of the bell.


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