[Namaste-dev] Weekly Plan 9 June - 13 June

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 9 09:51:44 PDT 2008

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Plans for this week: June 9 – June 13 

1. Physical layer feedback gathered and shared.

2. SuperPortable User Interface Design Document work continues. 

3. Uplink data rate and traffic analysis continues. 

4. Antenna work continues and feed research continues.

5. Requirements analysis (technical) and Position Paper (policy) work on the optional APCO-25 terrestrial interface module continues. I have one volunteer for this effort, and am looking for more.

6. Plans for the July meeting include at least one open meeting. I encourage anyone in or near the San Diego area, who is available on 18-20 July 2008, who has an interest in being involved in the project, to contact me for an invitation. The invitation allows planning for room size and logistics. 

7. Policy development concerning openness, open source, transparency, etc. continues this week. Some of the feedback about the project concerned the definition and explanation of what we mean when we say open source. Based on the discussion last week, a draft policy will be offered for review. 

8. Goal: Web page, mailing list, and documents management plans and policies formed and released for review.

-Michelle W5NYV  

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