[Namaste-dev] Weekly Report June 3 - June 6

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 6 19:48:34 PDT 2008

Report  for this week: June 2 – June 6

1. Physical layer feedback was gathered, but hasn't been posted yet. 

2. SuperPortable User Interface Design Document work continued. 

3. Uplink data rate and traffic analysis continued with a document revision posted for review. 

4. Antenna work began (five San Diego area dishes gathered here) and feed research began. 

5. Requirements analysis (technical) and Position Paper (policy) work on the optional APCO-25 terrestrial interface module continued. I have one volunteer for this effort, and am looking for more. 

6. Plans for the July meeting moved forward slightly. I'm checking into potential hotels for the meeting for Barry Baines. If you would like to attend the July meeting(s) then please let me know so I can invite you. They will be held on the weekend of 18-20 July. 

7. Two meetings this week were the Palomar Amateur Radio Club and the San Bernardino Microwave Society. I gave an update on the project at the San Bernardino Microwave Society, but did not give a formal presentation at Palomar Amateur Radio Club. The 3.4GHz transverter project that the San Bernardino group is working on is coming along, and there is a good chance that they would modify the kit (by changing a local oscillator and some filters) for 5.8/3.4 use. 

8. Policy development concerning openness, open source, transparency, etc. - productive discussions began this week and will continue next week. 

9. Website updates – reorganization of the content and some improvements were completed. Discussions about file hosting and other collaborative tools issues will continue on Monday. 

10. The Tuesday challenge resulted in good discussion and a better idea of a requirements path concerning the request to consider making GPS a requirement for the ground station.

more soon!
-Michelle W5NYV

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