[Namaste-dev] Re: Interoperability through APCO-25

Michelle w5nyv at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 4 06:18:59 PDT 2008

Hi Daniel!
Thank you for making a very good addition to the discussion. 
It's important to emphasize that we're talking about an optional separate terrestrial module (the add-on that we're analyzing) and not Namaste.
It's also important to explain why I'm asking the team to explore things like IPICS and APCO.
The initial charter strongly emphasizes emergency communications. Since interoperability is such a priority in emergency communications, we have an obligation to weigh and consider how best to support emergency communications and the repercussions of any solutions to the requirement to support emergency communications. You've certainly contributed towards that effort here.
Your separation-of-powers (Stensat) story is definitely a concern, and I consider these concerns to be relevant.
How would you write the contract with the funding agencies? What elements would make it ironclad?
 -Michelle W5NYV

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I have continued to mull this over during the past week. I still believe that
it would be a mistake for us to design a system to be used by anyone other
than radio amateurs operating under Part 97...

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