[Namaste-dev] Re: Thoughts on ACP Interoperability

JoAnne Maenpaa k9jkm at comcast.net
Wed Jul 16 09:33:50 PDT 2008

JoAnne had previously mentioned ...
>> ... hams are used to working at layer 3 and down

To which Timothy replied ...
> ... migrating towards P25 (for RF communications) and IP (for 
> everything else) ... what services we can provide and how those 
> services will interface to their existing systems (i.e., P25 
> and IP systems).  (AMSAT needs to get better at saying "IP"...)

Can you help?  This is an excellent time to jump in and propose a technical
direction that you could recommend?  Much of ACP and Namaste seem to be in
this white paper stage at this project lifecycle phase.  Drilling deeper
takes more current techie knowledge of IP-anything-something than this
cardiology nurse has :-)

> Is it reasonable to assume that ICS (either as a social
> organization or as a software application) will use IP for
> machine-to-machine communications and P25 and voice-over-IP
> for human-to-human communications?

Once again, please consider the invitation to help propose an architecture?
It would make sense to package up a proposal into a document, presentation,
Journal article, etc. than to sort through e-mail :-)  I can help with the
documentation phase if you don't have time for typing/formatting, etc.

> By the way, if we told these Chiefs that we could
> extend the Internet, with high bandwidth, on a
> moment's notice to pretty much anywhere, they would
> probably immediately understand how we can support
> their activities.

I had avoided specifically saying 'Internet over radio' since I have yet to
hear this potential feature verbalized.  The ACP class of services that has
been mentioned are low rate data, voice, and some video.  If you have a
vision for how AMSAT could do this please tell us more!

I've noted your other comments and thank-you for studying the paper.  I am
preparing an updated version incorporating comments and requests from this
first version. Overall, the purpose of my white paper is to find a common
statement that speaks for AMSAT as a whole.  We need to excite a potential
funding source on a satellite mission that delivers revolutionary amateur
radio emergency communications capability.  Meanwhile, we'll also get our
next HEO satellite out of the deal.

73 de JoAnne K9JKM
k9jkm at amsat.org 

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