[Namaste-dev] White paper

Gunther Meisse gmouse at neo.rr.com
Sun Jul 6 05:54:33 PDT 2008

Michelle, JoAnne, et al,
One of the things that hit me as I read the possible applications and
questions with respect to band management is:
Lets get this system built on a terrestrial basis with the function &
feature we THINK we'll need. We can then set up "test sites" in areas of
heavy ham population and BEAT on the system to see just how our fears are
translated into practical experience.
You know, any way you slice it, the system has to be "Coordinated" or
"Managed" to work, be that a human operator who Manages the bandwidth and
access, or a REAL WELL THOUGHT OUT piece of software that does this job. It
is one of the really critical aspects of this system. A "Contest" jam up is
of absolutely no value to anyone. There can be only one "COOK", be it a
human or software, or we will burn the stew, as well as being laughed out of
any big money or respect for the system.
One off the wall idea is to issue codes via the internet or other means to
operators who will be privileged to use the "Emergency - Set Aside" portion
of the system given a specific event. No code - no talkie. The portion which
links the officials must be clean of "jabbering hams" during the emergency
operations. We must remember that we are providing a service to others
during this time of operation. Past experience with weather nets, hurricane
nets etc reek of people calling to ask what time it is? In the Emergency
Operations Mode, the Ham is in a "Fulfillment Role" not a talk one.

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